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990M $DGL Tokens Burned Verify The Burn Here

Built on Algorand
Token ID: 462629820
Unit Name: DGL
True Supply: 10,000,000

The Future Is

This era, the creators will have true independence


DIGITVL is a launchpad ecosystem serving as a marketplace to accelerate how creators monetize their brand while leveraging business and commerce. We give access to more convenient ways of monetization so that artists and creators can finance their careers while remaining independent. 

Artists will be able to mint NFTs and allow fans to take digital ownership of their works. They can create collectible items or sell pieces of their copyright through NFTs and sell it in the marketplace… this includes audio, video and physical NFTs. 

Mercantilism is one of the fundamental concepts behind our platform. In this digital age we want to expand commerce and make it easier for people to scale their brands and business. One of the ways we do this is with retail



Not only can creators create their own merch/have it created it for them and sell it in our marketplace – but they will also be able to have their products sold in physical boutique stores around the U.S. by purchasing shelf space in $DGL



Mwosa Speaks On Why He Created DIGITVL

Our Mission

The days of selling your soul for a deal ends in this new era. Greedy corporations exploit the soul of creators because creators don’t have leverage – but the blockchain will dismantle completely. In a world where people are governed by money and algorithms, we seek to put the power back in the hands of the people, brick by brick. 

The objective is to turn the pyramid upside down, hence

True freedom is when the little guy can do for self.

Our plans is to allow for independent creators to create and fund themselves using our NFT Marketplace. In our marketplace creators will be able to sell digital ownership of their music/art while utilizing other smart contracts for B2B and B2C transactions. 

Our Goals (This Year)

Deploy Streaming Platform
Completed 100%
Deploy BETA Artist Marketplace
Completed 100%
Atomic Transfer/ NFT Exchange
E-Commerce & NFT Marketplace Development
Users will be able to utilize tokens to purchase music, merchandise, advertising space as well as conduct B2B & B2C transactions on the blockchain.
Mobile App Development (iOS/Android)