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990M $DGL Tokens Burned Verify The Burn Here

Built on Algorand
Token ID: 462629820
Unit Name: DGL
True Supply: 10,000,000

Ecosystem Growth – Aims to dedicate tokens to ensuring the ecosystem continues to grow, creating more opportunities to scale their brand and contributions to the world. This includes rewarding users for their activity on the DIGITVL network (point system) as well as community airdrops. 

Team – Team includes main dev, developers, marketers as well as partnered creators who contribute to providing opportunities and new development to the ecosystem. 

Reserve – Reserve is kept to prevent too many tokens from entering circulation at once. This means at least 5M tokens will intentionally be left out of circulation unless it is necessary for token emission. 

Circulating Supply – Reflects the amount of tokens released at the initial LP. 

Presale – The presale amount reflects the amount of tokens to enter circulation once presale tokens are released.