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990M $DGL Tokens Burned Verify The Burn Here

Built on Algorand
Token ID: 462629820
Unit Name: DGL
True Supply: 10,000,000

What this chart displays is how many tokens we can expect to enter into circulation. Most of the tokens entering circulation will be from pre-salers receiving their vested tokens. These numbers are approximations to the closest margin of error that can be calculated and may be over estimated to account for errors. There are currently 978,263.84 presale tokens waiting to be distributed. Each presale token is being distributed at .0129 algos per token.

Launch price was .0132 algos per token. 


Tokens for presale holders are being dispersed for the first comers, and tokens will be released periodically between weeks starting in June 2022 to April 2023. If you are involved in the pre-sale please expect for your tokens to be vested for at least 3 months til before receiving ANY disbursement. We will be releasing the presale tokens according to the first users who were in the community, and the last receivers will be last minute enthusiasts who wanted to partake in our presale lately. Token bags will be dispersed between 4-6 rounds. Meaning if you partook in the presale, you’ll see your receive 4-6 transactions before you get your entire presale purse. This is to prevent extreme dumping and allow for more liquidity to enter the ecosystem.

Pre-sale details are as followed and are left vague intentionally to tank against bots 

  • Minimum Presale Buy: 250 Algos 
  • Maximum Presale Buy 500 Algos 
  • Must Have An Account On DIGITVL.COM 
  • Must Understand And Agree To Terms That Presale Pouches Will Be Disbursed Periodically Across Token Schedule